Fireplace & Stove Glass Replacement

Fireplace Door Glass Replacement

Our team at Georgia Glass Repair knows that your fireplace glass takes a large amount of stress in the form of excessive heat. Your fireplace or pot-belly stove is the centerpiece of your home, where your family and friends gather and it's important to properly maintain these fixtures. Over time your the glass pane on your fireplace door may crack or completely shatter, effectively rendering your fireplace or stove useless. Our team can provide fireplace door replacement glass to repair your fireplace or stove back to a usable state.

When choosing a fireplace glass repair team it is important that you consider using a company that uses glass that is certified to withstand the stress that constant high heat puts on the glass. Our team can help you choose from a selection of high-heat resistant glass to replace the damage panes.

Why Does Glass Crack

Fireplaces and stoves have glass that is thicker and designed to withstand high heat. However, heat causes the glass to expand and contract no matter how thick, and this constant expansion and contraction can cause your glass to weaken over time. This weakened glass is prone to shatter or crack when subjected to high temperatures again. Be sure to look for signs of your glass weakening such as discoloration, cracking, and microchips as all of these can lead to cracking in fireplace or stove glass.

Fireplace & Stove Glass Replacement

When it comes to fireplace and stove glass replacement, Georgia Glass Repair is ready to provide you with installation services that are professional and reliable. Our glass installers in Georgia will be able to not only replace your fireplace glass panes but also ensure that we use glass rated for the heat. Once your fireplace glass installation has been finished, we guarantee that you'll be pleased with our work.

Please feel free to contact Georgia Glass Repair for more information about our glass replacement services and we'll be glad to help you.